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Personal Tax Services

Drowing in your personal taxes? SOS can help.

At SOS business services, our goal for your income taxes is simple . . .

  • Reduce your tax liability as much as legally permissible.
  • Keep you compliant with all State and Federal tax laws.

SOS is not just a once-a-year service. We like to stay in touch with our clients throughout the year. We encourage you to keep us informed of changes in your tax status, income, deductions, etc. At the same time, we will communicate with you about changes we believe may affect your personal planning.

You will benefit from our strong program of continuing education for our internal personnel to keep them and YOU up-to-date on tax issues and tax law changes.


A word about prices . . . we only charge you for the forms we prepare to get you the full refund you qualify for and to keep you compliant with tax laws.

Our basic personal return starts at just $50.00 (1040A/EZ with wage income only). Based on our initial discussion with you, we will give you a "good faith estimate" of our total charges to prepare your return. Sometimes, once we actually prepare the return, we find the need for additional I.R.S. forms or more complex tax situations than our initial discussion indicated. In most cases, our initial estimate is the final bill, but it is impossible to give an exact quote before completing the return.

You are not obligated to accept or pay anything until you review and approve your return and our charges.

Engage SOS Business Services for Your Taxes

If you're comfortable with us and would like us to prepare your taxes, simply click the link below to get started.

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Free Tax Information

By popular request, our star preparer, RJ Goodman, has created a PowerPoint presentation “Taxes in 5 minutes (Itemized Deductions in 10)” It’s not required reading, but if you ever wanted to see what’s really going on with your tax return . . . Enjoy!

Taxes in 5 minutes